Rhinoplasty Surgery Center

Before considering a surgical procedure to improve the look of your nose, you should visit a Portland, Oregon rhinoplasty surgery center. The procedures performed at a reputable clinic are recognized around the country as being capable of producing desirable results. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your nasal characteristics, take into account your unique medical history and your desires, before determining whether you are a good candidate for surgery. Your surgeon will then discuss the options open to you, including different techniques and procedures that can correct your nasal problems.

One of the most common types of cosmetic procedures is rhinoplasty surgery. It is usually performed on people who are concerned about having “bird-like” or “snake-like” features, or those whose noses appear too wide or narrow. Usually, rhinoplasty surgery can improve these features by lifting the nasal tip or making it wider. Sometimes this operation is also done to shorten the nose. Many people who have undergone nasal lengthening say their new nose looks more attractive than the one they had before.

Another typical procedure performed at a good rhinoplasty surgery center is called projection rhinoplasty. This operation involves a reduction of the size of the nose. Typically, this is done in patients who have too much nasal projection. Sometimes this procedure is also done to shorten the nasal tip, read more.

Another procedure commonly done at a rhinoplasty surgery center is called projection rhinoplasty. This operation is sometimes performed on people who have a high degree of airway resistance. These people typically have a large base of mucus along with excessive tissue along the back of their nose that can be causing blockage. When this excess tissue is reduced, the person’s airways become less restrictive, and air can pass through easier. The doctor can perform this operation either under general or local anesthesia.

Another operation commonly done at this type of clinic is known as laser commissure removal. In this operation, a small laser is used to burn away excess skin, fat, and cartilage from the nose. After this operation, the surgeon will then reshape the nose by sculpting the tip and the sides. Many people are surprised to find out that this operation is quite successful in eliminating unsightly bumps and crookedness on the nose.

There are many more common surgeries performed at a rhinoplasty surgery center. The surgeon at such a facility can also perform hair replacement for people who have lost most or all of their hair due to genetics or disease. Nose surgery is also commonly performed. This type of surgery centers on the removal of deviated septum and/or removal of the tonsils. Many people who undergo this type of operation feel that they look more natural with a new nose than they did before having the surgery.

For more information about rhinoplasty in Portland Oregon visit The Portland Rhinoplasty Center and talk to board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr William Portuese.